Chef Lance has been doing culinary arts since age 17. As a young man, he grew up enjoying the bountiful flavors of the Caribbean. He learned the art of Jamaican cooking from his family – his grandmother ran a cafeteria on the island and the entire family helped out. His grandmother soon started giving Lance more opportunity to learn in the kitchen and then before he knew it he was cooking the meals for his younger siblings and father. His family started to see his unique passion for the cooking arts and they encouraged him to embrace and pursue it as a career path.

Lance took his passion and continued refining his skills by cooking at family events and for co-workers, while ever so learning new culinary methods and cuisines. After training at University of Technology Jamaica where he achieved his degree in Food & Beverage Hotel & Resort Management degree. He worked in various Hotels and restaurants until migrating to the United States, where he continued working in the restaurant & hotel industry. He returned to school to further his education and enhance his skills. He enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at the Arts Institute of NYC where he graduated first in his class. He obtained a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management with Honors. He has also received credits in Nutrition from the National Restaurant Association America.

“I had done it all – fine dining, fast food, catering. I gained a lot of skills from working in all the different segments of the food industry,” said Lance.

Lance continued his journey in the restaurant industry rising to the rank of Executive sous chef, despite his classical training and ability to cook many cuisines, His passion for his home cuisine and its uniqueness is what pushed him in thinking towards owning and operating his own restaurant.

Lance wants to share the authentic & traditional bold taste and style of Jamaica with everyone, who is unfamiliar with it and fellow Jamaicans whom have longed for the childhood memories of home cooked meals and desserts. That’s his passion and with his cooking he’s able to bring his home of Jamaica to Brooklyn.

Lance business of Jamaican Grill Jerk Center continues to flourish as he begins to consult with other restaurants. Lance newest project brings him to Chance 11 a staple located in the heart of Brooklyn on Fulton street, where he is slowly taking the Kitchen into his own refinement and ensuring that the spin of his creativity takes this establishment to the next level of a Culinary experience.