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Sports Bar


Regardless of what your favorite sport is or which team you follow, it’s important to find a good spot for settling in and watching the game. During the week, there’s plenty of space to settle in with a beer and watch a game. You can catch All NFL & NBA live at Chance 11 

Uber Eats


Feeling hungry and you don’t want to leave the house ? No worries ... 👌🏾 You can now find us on Uber Eats. You can use the Uber Eats app to order anything  from menu everyday from 5pm - 10pm - closed on Tuesdays and have it delivered right to your door. 

Happy Hour



Limit happy to just an hour ?

Our happy hour starts at 4 pm Monday - Friday . We have great deals on select cocktails, drinks and on all beer & wine  Come check out our extensive drink menu 

Customer testimonials


 Great atmosphere, great drinks and awesome food just a hop an a skip away from the train. I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend's, we ate and had several wonderful tasting drinks served by a bartender who definitely aimed to please
(He was great). I can't wait to bring more of my friends to this place so we can have a blast! I'm so happy I took a chance on Chance 11!